Southern Dragon Heater, LLC

Southern Dragon Heater is a creative fabrication shop. Our premier product is a custom-made, metal, one-of-a-kind multi-fuel outdoor burning heater. They run cleanly and safely on burning diesel, kerosene, vegetable oil, or even used motor oil. Every SDH heater is branded with our customers' very own custom logos or designs for a unique touch.

Designed, cut and crafted in Lowcountry, South Carolina

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David and Sam

Founder & Owners

The Southern Dragon Heater team designs and has been creating custom special order alternate-fuel heaters for consumers and commercial businesses for more than 5 years. We have perfected an efficient, safe-burning outdoor metal heater meant to withstand the elements and to be utilized with a wide range of fuel types. 

We work with private customers, companies, restaurants, and sports teams. The custom logo work and cuts are inspired by you...our biggest fans and your passions, from sports teams, to family emblems...from honoring the military and other special causes to your heart. 

Outside of our most popular product, the heaters, we do also offer custom fabrication work such as a multi-dimensional signage, stands, name it! Let's hear about your project need and see if we're a good fit. 

Southern Dragon heaters are designed and made from scratch in Lowcountry South Carolina by a dedicated team of creative, patriotic, and customer-service loving craftsmen. 

Coming Soon: backgrounds on our company's owner and dedicated hardworking team. 

We support bootstrapping small businesses, American-made, our local military, and handmade creatives just like us! 

SC, USA-based Southern Dragon Heater, LLC is an independent, family-owned business dedicated to designing and crafting a quality, long-lasting, safe outdoor product that you and your friends and family will enjoy for years. We stand behind our work and love hearing about new product ideas and improvements from you...our end user. We are American made and support fellow small business owners. We support our local military bases; thank you for your service.

Southern Dragon Heaters, LLC is located in Beaufort, SC, USA. Contact us if you'd like to visit to see our works in progress in person or to schedule service or a press meeting. We don't currently have a showroom but would be happy to walk you through previous custom projects. Let's collaborate!

Beaufort, SC

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